How To Surive A Night In The Drunk Tank

How to Survive a Night in the Drunk Tank

Well in my 25 years on this planet I have learned one of the most unpleasant experiences is spending the night in the county drunk tank. Unfortunately for me I’ve had the this unique experience a few times now, and every time I tell myself “well crap, here we go again.” Let me tell you, asking for a lawyer when you first get put in a cell will get nothing but a laugh out of the guard that just threw you in there. I’ll take some time here and let you know how to get through this crappy night. Hopefully it will help and give a little advice on what you do if your drunk and land in county for the night.

Last Call and Time To Go Home and Sleep This One Off:
Wouldn’t That Have Been Nice.

Well one of the biggest things that sucks about ending up in the drunk tank for night is that being in a jail cell is probably the last place you’d thought you’d be at 3 o clock in the morning. There really is no mental preparation for it, and I suggest if your a smoker;start smoking as soon as the cop is heading your way. Cause let me tell you, it’s going to be a very long time before you can lite up again. This is one of the many frustrations your will soon discover, and of all the times in the world to want a cigarette getting ready to get locked up is one of those times.

drunk-tankOnce you’ve been cuffed and you realize there is no talking your way out of this one, next stop is club county. You’ll get in there and they will basically take all the stuff from your pockets, including your phone, and lead you to your new home for the night. I had two similar experiences at this point but where in two different drunk tanks with about the same outcome. One of the payphones was in the drunk tank with a lot of people trying to use it, and the other the pay phone was outside the drunk tank. Either way, it doesn’t really matter cause if you have friends like mine they only use cell phones, and those pay phones only work with land lines calling collect. Welcome to the land of frustration.

Well know that you realize none of your friends know your in there you will start to wonder how in the world do I get out of here? I know the thought “this is injustice I demand to talk to a lawyer and get bailed out of here at once” will probably go through your head. Through experience I know I thought that every time but try to let that thought go. Be content that you will be there for what seems like a very long time. I suggest just going to bed, and not spending the night worrying about your new legal issues that your getting ready to have to deal with.

Once morning arrives now it’s time to get down to the business of getting the hell out of there. I’ve been awoken every time with a guard bringing in something that resembles food and some sort of fruit drink. Take this time to see if he can point the bail bondsman list out to you cause this will be the way out of there. One of the frustrating things I’ve found is that there is never any clocks around in there or windows so you have no idea what time it is. The only thing is call the bail bonds person and give them some numbers that you remember and they will work on getting a hold of that person for you.

Now that you talked to the bondsman now its just about passing time till they get there and the check clears. This is always kind of the worst time period in a way. You know your soon to get out but have no idea whether it will be in 30 minutes or 9 hours. Around this time your sobered up enough to start thinking about your new legal issues at hand. Thoughts like, “man I’m for sure needing a lawyer, how am I going to deal with a jail sentence, how much is this going to cost” to name a few. Try and let it go because it’s like anything else. One day at a time. If you get your first stint in jail it probably wont be for that many days. The worst part is the “hey you thought you were going home to sleep in your bed but now it’s surprise your in jail.” I hope this was helpful, and if anyone has any other advice feel free to put it in the guest book.

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